Report on the Constitutional Court

Since April 2018 the NGO Europe in Law Association (hereinafter: also the ELA) has been monitoring the process of election of judges at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia in the framework of its efforts directed at strengthening the Armenian judiciary and contributing to judicial reform. 

The monitoring methodology implies study of the publications, including statements, interviews, speeches, etc. that the stakeholders of the election process have made since April 2018 and their assessment in the light of the standards of openness, transparency, objectiveness and fairness of the process. 

The Constitutional Court of Armenia is the sole judicial instance administering constitutional justice and adjudicating on the disputes related to election results. It consists of 9 judges. Under the amended RA Constitution (adopted on 6 December 2015), the nominations for the position of the judges at the RA Constitutional Court are made by three bodies, namely the RA President, the 4 5 General Assembly of Judges and the Government, consecutively. In order to be elected as a judge at the RA Constitutional Court, the candidate must be a national of Armenia solely, be 40 and more, have a university degree, possess high personal and professional qualities, including at least 15 years of professional experience.

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